No more broken clothing pegs!

A proudly South African product 🇿🇦


ABOUT INCREDA-PEG was founded by Tyne Potgieter, son of inventor and patent holder of increda-peg, Brett Potgieter.The increda-peg is a multifunctional and extremely durable peg that has taken the clothing peg industry by storm. The increda-peg is produced from recycled plastic right here in South Africa. This simple redesign of the clothing peg has revolutionised the way you do washing and brings unimaginable usability to the table in areas like wardrobe management, gardening, cable-management, all the ways you can use your traditional clothing peg and a whole lot more! The springless, pull-on twist-off functionality not only ensures that your clothes remain on the washing line in windy conditions but it further ensures that the life-span of the increda-peg is… well… incredible!!

✔️ Multi Functional ✔️ 100% Recycled Plastic ✔️ Durable ✔️ 100% delivery rate guaranteed

Proudly Manufactured In South Africa 🇿🇦



Agricultural function:

Use the increda-peg to attach your plants & vegetables to a support structure. Those with green finger could imagine how the increda-peg could come into use in the garden in other ways!

General kitchen use:

Always keep a handful of increda-pegs in the kitchen, you'll be surprised as to how useful they are. The increda-peg is designed to get paper-thin so you can use it to close your packets. Additionally, you can use the increda-peg to suspend kitchenware/objects in accessible areas, preventing spillage whilst cooking and so much more!

Cable management:

Attach the increda-peg to your wires to arrange them in a more ordered and/or accesible manner.

Wardrobe management:

Click the increda-peg onto its 'windlock' clip (the smaller hole at the top of the peg) on any metal hanger and turn the hanger into a storage unit for your jewellery, scarves, caps, belts, and just about anything else you can clip to the hook of the increda-peg.