Increda-Peg - Our Story

by Tyne Potgieter


The Increda-Peg, a registered patent, was invented by Brett Potgieter and is manufactured right here in South Africa. The Increda-Peg has taken the clothing peg industry by storm and as our logo says it, the Increda-Peg is 'not just a peg.'

As the son of the inventor of the Increda-Peg, I have witnessed and been involved with the 'Increda-Peg journey' first hand. In this blog post I seek to share some of this journey with you.

Where it all began:

The Increda-Peg all started with a vision.

My dad has always had a way of seeing things, especially from an innovative, abstract and efficient perspective. Throughout our childhood we were constantly flooded with this perspective and I must say it definitely kept things interesting. From the 'next best invention' to next level philosophical views, there was always a very interesting discussion at the dinner table.

I remember the day that he brought the idea of the next best clothing peg to the dinner table, an idea that would eventually translate into the Increda-Peg.

Months went by and eventually the old man did it, he made the first prototype of the peg, the 'multi-hook' as it was called back then. In hindsight, I guess it wasn't his best work (haha, sorry dad) but at the time it was the best thing since sliced bread!

Another year went by and after continuous testing and re-designing we eventually landed with the end-product that was of a standard that my dad, a perfectionist I might just add, approved of. In this year, we also got started on the markets and had a massive rebranding project for the release of the new product.

Goodbye weekends, hello markets:

Okay, you have your pegs... What happened next?

Well the sub-title says it all, goodbye weekends and hello markets! So we had a winning-product and a winning-brand, now we needed to get sales... Easy, right? Uhmm, not really. Have you ever tried to sell something to someone that they don't know they need? I have, it's tricky. We were selling probably the strangest looking clothing peg in the world, can you just imagine the challenges we faced.

Time went by and the team was hard at work. We had my Mom (Margie Potgieter) on social media and branding and the sales team consisted of (initially) myself, my dad, my aunty (Mandy Bergsma) and my brothers (Brynn & Kayd Potgieter). Might I just add that this was probably the most fire sales team you could ever put together. My dad was in sales most his life and he was good at it. You know your aunty is doing well when you are constantly intercepting customers on the markets here in Pretoria who have already bought the product from her in Durban and, funny enough, they also live in Pretoria to make the odds even worst. My brothers and I also had an extensive background in sales as we were all entrepreneurial from a rather young age.

Regardless to how great our sales team was, we still needed the product and brand to get out there. As time passed by our product really started to do exactly that and we were starting to establish our brand. Eventually we had reps selling the product around the country and we were moving just under 2 tons of recycled plastic in product a month. Our head of marketing, AKA my mom, was pushing Facebook ads, building brand-trust and establishing a very powerful presence in the process. This really was such an awesome stage in the company, we were sending out hundreds of bulk packages to reps all over the country and they were selling them at their respective markets. At the same time, we were also on the markets and witnessed the growth of this company first hand.

What started off as a peg that nobody knew slowly turned into a peg that some people knew.

COVID-19 - Goodbye markets

As with most small business owners, COVID-19 brought mass disruption to the way we were doing things. Markets were closed and lockdown was just around the corner. Strangely enough, the pandemic opened up the next chapter of our business- that next chapter being our online store.

We had always had an online store but it was not until lockdown when things really started picking up. Head of marketing, AKA my mom, was smashing the game online! Not to blow her whistle but she did teach herself and she was kicking ass to say the least. Do not confuse my excitement and over-enthusiasm for online success, we were not quite there yet- it was probably the thrill of starting to make consistent sales online that fuelled the tone the aforementioned sentences.

Things went on and eventually I started to get into the e-commerce space. After thorough research, I launched and started selling the Increda-Peg online. We grew our online stores while constantly learning and helping each other along the way and eventually, as of the beginning of 2021, we were in a position where our online presence was really starting to takeoff. 

Since then, we have delivered tons of product all across the country. Our growth over the years has been an amazing journey and we are glad to be in a position whereby we can get you your Increda-Pegs in a completely effortless manner via our websites.

Concluding remarks:

Now you know a little bit more about our brand and our story.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank-you, our customers, for your constant support. We look forward to continue to maintain a standard of product and customer service that exceeds all expectations.

Until next time.

-Tyne Potgieter